7 Ways To Revitalize Your Brain Without Using Drugs

7 Ways To Revitalize Your Brain Without Using Drugs

Thinking clearly can be difficult.

From a young age we have been feed processed foods and poor ideas.

If you haven’t broke the cycle, you’re one of the people who have never had a clear thought in your life.

What happens is this . . .

From a young age, a brain is polluted.

It is polluted with formula, not the mother’s milk..

It’s polluted with poor ideas.

For example, “Baby’s should not be learning”.

It doesn’t take much sugar and poor ideas to cloud your judgement.

On the other hand, some people wake up and realize: Something just isn’t right.

In this article, we’re discussing how you clear your mind without drugs.

How can you quickly get your mind focused when you need it the most?

The answer to that question is surprising to some people, but here we’ll share tips to help you keep your mind focused and razor sharp.

If you follow the instructions, you will be well on your way to having crystal clear thinking.

First, a short caveat; There’s no way to instantly clear your mind without powerful drugs, and even if you use all the steps in this short article, the process of cleaning and clearing your mind could take at least thirty minutes or more.

In some cases it could take months to detoxify your body and brain, so you can have clear thinking.

Were not going to waste your time discussing why it is important to not take drugs to clear your mind.

It goes without saying, harmful drugs can make you feel like you have a clear mind, but the side affects are deadly.

Some drugs like tea and coffee, have been proven to actually help clear your mind.

Not all drugs are bad.

For this article, we focus on ways to clear your mind without drugs.

So, how do you clear your mind without drugs?

It all depends on what is causing your brain fog.

There are several causes of brain fog you should be aware of, and we will briefly mention them in this article and what you can do for it.

  1. Stinking thinking.
  2. Brain fog could be from poor eating habits.
  3. Poor hydration.
  4. Chemical influence.
  5. Get Plenty of Sleep
  6. Get Plenty of Exercise
  7. Get Plenty of Rest

What is stinking thinking?

Stinking thinking comes from over media stimulation, lack of discipline, and formal training. If you’re bombarded with dozens of thoughts every moment and you don’t know how to stop the noise.

Perhaps you need to take a course on meditation. You have to be able to calm your brain down and limit your thoughts to one predominant thought.

How can you think clearly if you have several thoughts going on in your brain at once? You can’t. You have to be able to get rid of the noise pollution and concentrate on your most important priority.

There are many ways to calm thoughts. It all starts with you acknowledging that their might be a problem and seeking a solution.

There are millions of ways to calm your thinking, relaxing, and focusing your energies.

We’ll discuss these ways in this article.

What does food have to do with your brain fog?

Your food has a lot to do with your brain fog. If you are full of sugar and other unhealthy foods, your brain will not be able to function at its peak.

Sugar is the main reason some people can’t focus. You must limit your sugar intake.

A healthy diet, is conducive to clear thinking. When you have the right amount of good food in your body, your body will reward you with peak performance levels that you can’t enjoy when your body is polluted.

When Your Dehydrated, Your Body Starts To Shut Down

The first thing to go when your dehydrated is the ability to think clearly.

When you drink plenty of fluids, your urine will be clear. Your brain will feel alive, and your thinking will be clear again.

Drinking plenty of water is one of the fastest ways to clear your thinking.

When I was in Basic Training for the military, my unit was forced to drink a canteen full of water before every single class.

I noticed after drinking a canteen of water before each class, not only did my thinking improved, but I felt more awake and alert.

If the military is doing it, maybe you should do it too.

Chemical Influence Can Damage Your Brain

If you take over or under the counter medications or drink polluted water, or eat food with chemicals in it, your brain will be effected.

The bad thing about having chemicals in your brain, is sometimes you don’t know the chemicals are effecting you in a negative way until it is too late.

I once heard the famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh, used to chew on his paint brush. Paint in Vincent’s days were made with lead.

Since Vincent chewed his paint brushes that were contaminated with lead, Vincent got lead poison.

The lead poison is what may have been the culprit to Vincent Van Gogh cutting off his own ear and mailing it to his girlfriend.

I don’t know if this story is true or not, but I think you get the point.

Always be cognizant as to what chemicals are entering your body.

Sleep Is Very Important To Clear Thinking

When the body sleeps, it repairs itself.

When your body goes into REM is when the brain is repairing itself.

You need plenty of sleep in order to have REM.

If you have poor sleeping habits, you are not allowing your mind to repair itself.

You can go to sleep, but if you don’t go into REM, then your mind is not getting the rest that you desperately need.

Exercise Goes Without Saying

For what ever reason, you may or may not want to hear the daily exercise is important to thinking clearly.

Cardio exercise is even more important to your brain.

Your brain is kept alive with oxygen, the more cardio exercise you do the more oxygen you pump to your brain.

The oxygen you pump to your brain the more healthier your brain becomes.

Make sure you get your cardio workout in on a daily basis, and you will see your brain power improve over night.

Rest Is So Important

There’s a good reason rest is mentioned twice in this article.

The body is built for your to work hard mentally and physically.

When you push your body to its limits, you will see the best results of your capabilities.

Always, try to work your mind at least as hard as you work your body, but then rest.

If you are resting and working in the right amounts, then you will see the best results.

If you are working too much, then you will have injuries.

Make sure you rest your body and mind when you are pushing yourself to your limits.

If you are stressed out, stress will cause your mind to have a foggy feeling.

Take a break, and rest your mind.

Let your mind relax.

Some of the best ideas, come when your mind is resting.

Don’t get burnt out on trying to push your mind too far without rest.

When you feel like your mind is stressed, take some time.

Meditate as mentioned above.

Try not to think about what is stressing you out.

Let your mind focus on something that is pleasing.

Self hypnosis and affirmations are a good way to relax your brain.

Let me know if you know of a way to relax your mind below.