Build A Powerful Memory Without Tricks

Build A Powerful Memory Without Tricks

The Search For Better Memory

Imagine yourself with a powerful memory.

If you are like me, then you hate to forget names, birthdays, and especially faces.

At least when you forget someone’s name you can say,”I am good at faces”.

I guess you could also say, I am good at names when you forget a face.

Either way, forgetting anything can be bothersome, and even worse could cost you dearly.

What is a Person to do to Build Their Memory?

There are many things to build your memory.

Why would you even want to build your memory?

There are three (3) main reasons to build your memory:

  1. No more forgetting names.
  2. No more forgetting where you parked the car when you come out of Walmart.
  3. No more forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.

I am sure there are many more main reasons to build your memory, but this is going to be a short article.

The point here is you are better off building your memory power to it’s fullest potential.

Just imagine what you would do with a super powerful memory.

You could do way more than the average person.

People would begin to look at you like a god.

A person with a super memory could do astounding things.

Warren Buffett says his greatest ability is his memory.

The truth is your memory is the only thing that holds you back from doing all the precious things that you dream all your life about doing.

According to the 7 Things That Happen When You Increase Your Brain Usage (

  1. Obstacles start dissolving.

You could quickly remember the names and positions of thousands people in your workplace, church, or Rotary Club and become a high sought after go to person asset for your community.

  • Desire begins to fade, so you stop depending on your cellphone.

You could memorize all your appointments so you don’t have to check your smart phone constantly through your day.

  • Fear starts to fade.

You could learn a new language like Mandarin, so you could start taking advantage of all the great opportunities available in the Chinese markets.

  • Control over your body improves.

Instantly recall cords and notes to songs and be able to play music by ear to amaze your friends, family, and even strangers.

  • Reduced bad emotions.

Learn the list of edible plants and the ones that are not edible in case you were ever stranded.

  • Empathy grows.

Memorize all the data in the daily news paper in order to take advantage of the stock market.

  • Oneness with the universe grows.

Memorize emergency phone numbers in case you drop your phone in a puddle while you are out of town.

Some people would make more money with their powerful memories.

Would you remember things you forgot?

Your ideas could be endless. . .

The Truth About Memory Techniques

It can be time consuming to build your memory with all the little memory tricks.

Let’s face it, just memorizing the memory tricks can be a daunting task all in itself.

Not to mention that memorizing anything usually takes a lot of precious time.

What about those memory games? Are they for real? I truly feel as though I am wasting my life away when I play games.

What are reasonable people suppose to do to build their memory?

The Alternative

Introducing: Nootropics.

Nootropics are prevalent for those seniors in the know, and those hip college kids swear by nootropics.

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